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Marco Noceda

Founder, Grow Ecom Brand.

Drummer, chef, meme enthusiast, and most importantly, a lover of all things email and SMS.
He is the founder of Grow Ecom brand.

Amalina Fahizul


Based in the tropics of Southeast Asia, Amalina is a writer who loves adopting a topic-based authoring approach with the goal of crafting (un)structured content that’s concise, clear, and accessible to the end-user without sounding like a robot. She lives and breathes words and their vast use for different story-telling approaches. She also learned 68 creative ways to say ‘said’ in writing because who doesn’t love to spice things up?

Eduardo Flores

Eduardo is an enthusiast of all things food and dances better than you'd believe it. He loves his wife, cats, and dogs, and would love to live in the country as long as there is an internet connection.

Operations Manager


Cris Brambila

Account Executive

Avid traveler, book reader, health enthusiast and Rubik's cube solver based in Guadalajara, Mexico, for now. She has an alter-ego who is a Professional Model, writer and self-development in all its forms lover. She is obsessed with her cat and organization. Her biggest passion in life is to create a connection with people in any way.

JC Lira

Graphic Designer

graphic designer and social media manager based in Guadalajara, Mexico. He’s an animal lover and a power nap believer. His favorite season is fall, he hates hot weather, and he would like to become an eccentric toy maker.

Olivia Arce

brave mother of two teenagers, curious, yoga and food passionate. Discovering and loving the emails and SMS world.
Event Producer and Account Executive of Grow Ecom brand.

Account Executive

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